Monday, 24 October 2011

Paul McCartney Vegetarian Cookbook

Paul McCartney Cookbook

New Cookbook for One World Day

Steller celebrity, Beatle, Vegetarian and Plantarian Paul McCartney has launched a new veggie Meat Free Monday Cookbook in time for One World Day

Proceeds from the book will go to fund the Meat Free Monday Campaign that like One World Day encourages people to eat more fruit and vegetables and plant foods for better health and save the planet from environmental catastrophe.

 Paul has enlisted a number of celebrity friends to contribute recipes to the cookery book.

Everyone at One World Day wishes the Meat Free Monday Campaign and Paul McCartney, Stella and Mary great success with the new book. We hope they send a free copy to every schoool caterer in the country so that schools are encouraged to serve more sustainable and healthier meals for children.

Buy the Meat Free Monday Cook Book direct from The Meat Free Monday Campaign at
or at Amazon

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