Sunday, 2 October 2011

One World Day For Global Health & Sustainability

One World Day To Set New Diet Record For Global Health & Sustainability

It starts here, now, One World Day!

No more excuses, time is running out, people are getting sicker, the planet is getting sicker - the solution is simple, eat more plants!

This One World Day intriduce at least one friend, one new person, to delicious nutritious plantarian food. One new person for one day, how difficult can that be?

World cuisine has so much to offer us, Carribean bean stews, Indian lentil curries, Chinese cashew nut stir fry, Italian pine nuts and wholemeal pasta, Spanish vegetable Paella, Morrocan Pistachio and Apricot Tagine, Turkish stuffed vine leaves, delicious Greek olive and caper salads with falafel, French vegetable and hazelnut tarts, Hungarian wild Mushroom Goulash, German vegetable and poppy seed strudle, Swedish meat free meatballs, British veggie sausages with rosemary cauliflower and sweet potato mash or Shepherdess Pie, Scottish Veggie Haggis, Welsh Cashew Nut Rarebit, Australian BBQ vegetable kebabs, Japanese Vegetable and tofu Sushi, Mexican chilli non carne, Swiss No Muh Fondue, Californian Waldorf salad, Bolivian Vegetable Quinoa , Irish seaweed and peanut potato cakes - you get the picture?

If anyone says they don't like vegetables read them that list and ask them if they've tried all that!

A vast list of delicious recipes can be found at TheCancer Project Recipe Section

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