Monday, 7 February 2011

Walters TV Special on Celebrity Heart Attacks

Walters corrals stars to talk about heart surgery - The Dallas Morning News:

It comes as no surprise that the legendarily competitive Barbara Walters was able to land former President Bill Clinton , David Letterman, Robin Williams and Regis Philbin for her ABC News special.
The selling point was what tied all the celebrities — Walters included — together: their open heart surgeries

Each guest agreed to talk about his experience. Clinton, the former Big Mac president, revealed that he's now practically a vegan eating a predominantly plantarian diet

Clinton said, he had been trying to lose weight and was sticking to a diet heavy on fruits, grains and vegetables.

He has another incentive now to keep healthy.
“That's my next goal,” he told her. “I want to hang around here to have grandchildren.”

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